UTA ARRI Lecture Series in MEMS




Thursday, September 5, 2002  9:00AM – 5:00PM


Automation & Robotics Research Institute

UT-Arlington Fort Worth Campus

7300 Jack Newell Blvd, Fort Worth TX 76118


A seminar presented jointly by Corning IntelliSense, and the Automation & Robotics Research Institute


Micro-Eectro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) represent the merger of integrated circuits and optics at a scale of 1 to 100 microns. They are the next step in the silicon revolution that began 40 years ago and has changed every aspect of our lives. MEMS is a well-positioned enabling technology for fast growing markets such as biomedical applications and optical and wireless communications. By bringing together semiconductor-based electronics and micro-machining technology, MEMS-based components can provide:

·        ·        smaller form factors for tighter integration

·        ·        higher performance with reduced power consumption

·        ·        quality that meets rigorous telecommunications and sensor standards


The UT-Arlington Automation & Robotics Research Institute (ARRI) is the premier applied manufacturing research, education and technology center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Institute prides itself on its proven track record of performing world class research for customers, as well as, its ability to transfer technology to industry quickly and effectively. ARRI’s Advanced Controls, Sensors and MEMS group (ACSM, http://arri.uta.edu/acs/), headed by Moncrief-O’Donnell Professor Frank Lewis, is one of UTA’s premier centers of automation control and MEMS research.


Corning IntelliSense. For more than a decade, Corning IntelliSense Corporation, a subsidiary of Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) has been the only supplier of Design, Development, and Volume Manufacturing services as well as CAD for MEMS(tm) software.  Corning IntelliSense develops and manufactures advanced MEMS devices for many sectors, including the optical, RF, laboratory equipment, and life sciences industries. Corning IntelliSense leverages its expertise by selling the market-leading device-level MEMS software, IntelliSuite®.  Corning IntelliSense provides Total MEMS Solutions(tm) to customers today in seventeen countries on three continents. Corning IntelliSense's headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Wilmington, Massachusetts USA. More information about IntelliSense can be found at http://www.corningintellisense.com.

Seminar’s Content.  The seminar will be divided into three sessions.  The morning session, (A) from 9-12 AM, will provide an overview of all aspects of MEMS, from Design through Fabrication.  The afternoon session, (B) from 1-3 PM, will provide a more detailed overview of MEMS design using software IntelliSuite, including fabrication processes’ simulation and device performance analysis, including Electrostatic, Mechanical, Thermal, Fluidic, Magnetic, and Piezoelectric analysis.  A hands-on session, (C) from 3-5 PM, (limited occupancy) will cover Anisotropic Etch Simulations, and RF Switch simulation example, and a micro-fluidic analysis example.


There is no cost for the seminar. Lunch will be provided by Corning IntelliSense. ARRI is located at the UT-Arlington Fort Worth Riverbend Campus, North of the intersection between Loop 820 East and I-30 (directions available from http://arri.uta.edu/misc/map.htm). Following the second presentation, a hands-on session (C), with IntelliSuite will be available, but with limited seating. You must REGISTER BEFORE AUGUST 29th for the session(s) you plan to attend by filling out and faxing the bottom section of this advertisement, or contacting:

·         José Mireles Jr., Project leader of the ACSM group (jmireles@arri.uta.edu), or

·         Nora Finch, Corning IntelliSense (finchna@corning.com).


FAX: 817-272-5989 or E-mail: jmireles@arri.uta.edu




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