UTA ARRI Lecture Series in MEMS


Microrobotic Systems

Challenges and Opportunities


Friday 26 July, 2002 11am, room 205


Automation & Robotics Research Institute

UTA Fort Worth Campus

7300 Jack Newell Blvd, Fort Worth TX 76118


Presented by Dr. Harry Stephanou, Director

Center for Automation Technologies

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


A microrobotic system is one where the parts and/or tolerances are of the order of a few microns or less. The talk begins with a rapid overview of the highly interdisciplinary field of microrobotics, and some of its potential commercial applications. We then describe several algorithms and architectures for the assembly of heterogeneous microsystems with macro, meso, and microscale robotic components. We discuss aspects of kinematic design, fabrication and bonding processes, as well as some dynamic system modeling and control issues. Testbed implementation results are also presented. Finally, several opportunities for future research are identified.




ARRI is located at the UTA/Fort Worth Campus, North of the intersection between Loop 820 East and I-30 (directions available from http://arri.uta.edu/acs). Please contact Raul Fernandez at 817.272.5973 for additional information.